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Pendulum and hanging lights

Pendant lamps and hanging lamps for every man at Kevin's lamp shop, we show you a wide range of pendant lights and hanging lamps from the company SLV and Deko-light. A hanging lamp affects the mood and the living environment through their direct and / or indirect light. A ceiling light will illuminate the entire room in general. In contrast, pendant lights are hung so that they illuminate a particular area.  We have the Matching pendant lights and hanging lights for all rooms in the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, basement, lounge, bathroom, bedroom, living room or dining room. Pendant lights are not only different in form and color, but what is very important even when choosing your pendant lights, pendant lights is the light bUlb lamp. Now a day you have the choice between energy saving lamps, halogen lamps or LED technology. The price performance ratio of our pendant lights or hanging lights can be seen. If you have questions about pendant lights you write or call us.